About DUI Pro

DUI Professional is the most advanced blood alcohol extrapolation simulator in the world. Presets exist for almost all senarios but may be modified in the simulator by toxicologists and expert witnesses.

DUI Pro was initially developed in 1997 out of frustration in performing the time-consuming and complicated process of calculating retrograde extrapolation. DUI Pro 98 was released in 1998 as a Windows application and quickly became the de facto standard in blood alcohol analysis. 

A unique feature of DUI Pro stemmed from the author's teaching at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement on DNA analysis of human remains and the legal requirement that scientific evidence have measurable reliability.

The few blood alcohol analysis tools deployed by experts did not factor in the variance in elimination (non-drinkers versus alcoholics), absorptive factors (delay in metabolizing drinks) and distribution constants. However, a substantial number of peer-reviewed scientific studies quantified these error ranges.

For the first time, blood alcohol simulations had significant utility and admissibility due to the range of values they provided. DUI Pro 98 was licensed by hundreds of entities include virtually every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, medical schools around the world, DUI defense attorneys, addiction counselors and expert witnesses. As technology advanced, the DUI Pro 98 lifecycle concluded with the introduction of 64-bit operating systems. However, with that product sunset a new opportunity arose.

DUI Pro Online expands the drink database from 200 to over 1,000 drinks which are updated constantly. The database is searchable by drink type and/or brand name. Licensed users can add their own drink profiles which are exclusive to their private login credentials. Another exciting feature of DUI Pro Online is the use of asynchronous Javascript to provide real-time calculations of BAC immediately responsive to changes in any variable such as drinking time, weight, gender or the like. This is an indispensable feature for retrograde extrapolation.

Reports are detailed enumerating the methodology and are downloadable as Adobe PDF files which can be emailed, saved or printed as desired. DUI Pro is not a "drink calculator" but a scientific tool and resource for law enforcement, criminal defense, counseling, medical research and occupational safety.   Register now for a free trial.

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