DUI Professional v2 - Advanced BAC Analysis Software

Over 1,000 drink types...court-tested BAC analysis

The world's most advanced analytical tool for extrapolation of EtOH absorption and distribution in the human body. DUI Pro alcohol analysis software is a pharmacology simulator used to forecast blood alcohol content. DUI Professional alcohol analysis software dynamically visualizes anticipated absorption and elimination of alcohol, responsive to input on type of drink, quantity, weight, time of consumption, gender and stomach contents. Using a statistical approach, DUI Professional alcohol analysis software calculates a range of expected blood alcohol levels based on the generally accepted scientific principles of Widmark and Dubowski. Free Trial
March 23, 2024 Update: if you are an existing DUI Pro v1 user you can still access the legacy application. If you are an active subscriber, create a DUI Pro v2 account using your payment email (e.g., Paypal) and you will automatically receive access to v2 for your subscription period.
New Features
Dynamic Charting
Dynamic Charting
Chart visualization is immediately reactive to changes in parameters.
Save Simulations
Save Simulations
Save and later edit every detail of a simulation.
Drink Fractions
Drink Fractions
Set drink volumes to fractions of full volume.
Keypoint Values
Keypoint Values
Identify precise Bac values at specific times in simulation.
Feature Chart
Feature Comparison DUI Pro v1 DUI Pro v2
Over 1,000 predefined drink types Yes Yes
Calculate absorption error deviation Yes Yes
Calculate elimination error deviation Yes Yes
Add unlimited custom drinks Yes Yes
Generation of PDF reports Yes Yes
Save all variables into simulation profile? No Yes
Dynamic calculation of average expected Bac Yes Yes
Dynamic calculation of Bac min and max ranges No Yes
Dynamic presentation of Bac line graph No Yes
Adjustable Keypoint time for precise Bac data at point in time No Yes
Visual indicator of consumption phase in graph output No Yes
Add and remove high and/or low error range line output No Yes
Incremental control over volume of any drink in simulation (e.g., ¼, ½, ¾ or full drink) No Yes
Max Bac peak time marked on graph output No Yes
PDF graph is pure vector which prints without artifacts No Yes
Keypoint time noted on PDF report output (e.g., critical time in simulation) No Yes
Case notes are savable and printable on PDF output report No Yes
Save any parameter of a simulation down to standard deviations, custom error ranges, partial drink consumptions No Yes
Dynamic sliders update graph visually in real time for Keypoints and consumption timelines. No Yes
Pharmacology Report viewable in HTML page and also PDF No Yes
Dynamic Visualizations
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To Subscribe to DUI Pro you must register first and then select a subscription plan once you are logged on. This will elevate your privileges to modify all the parameters needed to perform analysis and simulations of alcohol consumption, absorption and elimination over time.



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